ICT Work Gallery


Welcome to the Cambridgeshire ICT WORK GALLERY.

The Gallery embraces the effective and diverse use of ICT in any setting; reflecting the uniqueness of each school through the validation of good practice. It is independent of, but complementary to any schemes of learning.  

ICT follows the principles of Assessment for Learning and is progressed through the years and aligned by the increased challenge of the core subjects eg pupils progressing through numeracy and literacy levels will be applying ICT at a level appropriate for the task and based on prior attainment.  This will also ensure full coverage and integration with learning across the curriculum.

Here you can either submit ICT-based work for moderation or find examples from across the curriculum at all Key Stages and Levels. To submit work to the Gallery, click on the Submit an Example button and follow the on-screen instructions. To search or browse the Gallery, either enter a keyword in the search box above, or click Browse the Gallery to have a look around.

Purpose of the site:

  • To celebrate the diverse and effective use of ICT in schools.
  • To raise the quality and standard of Assessment and Moderation of ICT as benchmarked by the National Curriculum level descriptors supported by APP.
  • To exemplify and showcase the standards and range of ICT capability.

How work is moderated:

  • At teacher level - work is teacher-assessed and benchmarked by the level descriptors supported by APP for sharing within school.
  • At school level - work is moderated within school and by colleagues.
  • At regional and county level - external Advisors and teachers will evaluate the evidence and moderate the assessment with reference to national expectations including NC Action and What Works Well, other schools and other Local Authorities.
  • Work is then published to the Gallery or referred back to the school for review.

This site is intended to support schools in the assessment and moderation of ICT. As ICT has become more embedded across the curriculum, assessment can be built into the teaching of all subjects. ICT activity across the curriculum can be seen as an opportunity for assessment; this site welcomes all examples of the use of ICT.

Benefits for the school:

  • CPD resource for schools
  • External moderation of ICT
  • Evidence for self-evaluation (eg. Becta ICT Mark)
  • Provides opportunity to showcase school work

Assessment and moderation is referenced against the new QCDA level descriptors.Following the principles of best fit, as promoted in APP, teachers can simply match pupils' work to the appropriate level. The system has been developed in such a way as to faciltate its use. Teachers will be able to easily add examples of work to the library as part of their normal teaching routine whenever ICT is used, in any area of the curriculum.  Likewise, teachers will be able to access examples of work from other schools to support good practice and help develop standards for moderation.

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