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Ely St Mary's - Ely Museum and life on the river


Created: Aug 2007

Year: 4 Level: 3

Teacher Comments:
We took a trip to Ely Museum in order to see how people in the past were affected by the River Ouse. While we were there we recorded our day using digital cameras. When we got back to school the images were uploaded. We decided that the best way to tell our story was to use Photostory as a presentation. The children combined and refined information from various sources. They presented information in different forms refining the quality of their presentations showing an awareness of the intended audience. They commpared their use of ICT with other methods. This work was judged to be working towards level 4.

Student Comments:

http://c9s.e2bn.net/e2bn/leas/c99/schools/cyq/accounts/staff/ely/homepage/Ely%20St%20Marys%20Junior/Page%203/ (External Link)

Submitted by: Paul Baddeley

School: Ely St Mary's

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Independent
ICT Strands: Finding, using and communicating information
Attainment: 3 (Secure)

Functional Skills
Using ICT:
Find and select information:
Develop, present and communicate information: