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Little Gidding: Year 5 Virtual Tour


Created: Jul 2006

Year: 5 Level: 4

Teacher Comments:
The children scripted and edited this film based on a local history project.
They added, amended and combined information from a variety of sources.They used ICT to present information in a different form and showed they are aware of the intended audience and the need for quality in their presentation. They compared their use of ICT with other methods and with its use outside school. The children thoroughly enjoyed this project which was a great opportunity to develop pupils' ICT capability and teacher confidence.

Student Comments:

http://c9s.e2bn.net/e2bn/leas/c99/schools/cyq/accounts/staff/littlegidding/homepage/Great%20Gidding/Great%20Giddding/little%20gidding%20photostory%20emily%20%20jess.wmv (External Link)

Submitted by: Liz Thompson


Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Collaborative
ICT Strands: Handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling
Attainment: 4 (Secure)

Functional Skills
Using ICT:
Find and select information:
Develop, present and communicate information: