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Stilton Primary: Christmas Card design

Christmas Card

Created: Feb 2009

Year: 3 Level: 3

Teacher Comments:
Parent and child worked together to design and create a Christmas card for printing. They used page layout and formatted columns and explored the use of word art and other editing features and used either clip art or own graphic design
created in MS Paint. They were printed on card for a quality product. They used ICT to generate, develop, organise and present their work.
They could describe their use of ICT and its use outside school.
this work was judged to be level 3. This design is downloadable as a template to use.

Student Comments:

Submitted by: Alison Ball

School: Stilton CE Primary

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Collaborative
ICT Strands: Handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling
Attainment: 3 (Secure)