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Stukeley Meadows Primary; Chinese New Year Front Covers

Front Cover for Chinese New Year Information Book

Created: Apr 2009

Subjects: ICT across all areas of learning,

Year: 3 Level: 1

Teacher Comments:
Support: Level awarded – P6

Comments:Ch were supported throughout task. They were able to use the keyboard and understood that their work could be saved. They moved the pictures on the screen but needed lots of support entering and positioning text. They have awareness of how their interaction with the mouse, keyboard is shown on the screen but this is limited and their wider knowledge of using computers and generally navigating a program is starting to develop.

Student Comments:

Submitted by: Karen Stanton

School: Stukeley Meadows Primary

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Supported
ICT Strands: Finding, using and communicating information
Attainment: 1 (Secure)