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Stukeley Meadows Primary; Year 1 Chinese New Year Front Covers

Chinese New Year Non-Fiction Book Cover

Created: Apr 2009

Subjects: ICT across all areas of learning,

Year: 3 Level: 1

Teacher Comments:
Core: Level awarded – 1

Comments: Children preparing front cover in Notebook software for non-fiction book; whole class modelling on how to use features in notebook; children had to access template via pupil templates and save work in folder
Both these children were able to access the template independently. They could save their work into their own folders but needed support to find the route of these folders on the school network. They were able to alter the font size, colour and position of their text and reason why they chose certain pictures and where they positioned them.

Student Comments:

Submitted by: Karen Stanton

School: Stukeley Meadows Primary

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Collaborative
ICT Strands: Finding, using and communicating information
Attainment: 1 (Secure)