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Podcasting in Year 3/4


Created: Nov 2009

Subjects: ICT across all areas of learning,

Year: 4 Level: 4

Teacher Comments:
This piece of work shows ability across a range of assessment foci. The children were taught to podcast using Podium and them asked to produce a weekly summary of what they had been doing in school. In producing this "A" used the editing tools independently to refine her work and imported sounds that she had downloaded from the internet to make it more exciting. She published the work to the internet and shared it with her parents at home; through doing this she came back each week with new ideas of how to improve her work. "A" showed clear awareness of E-safety in her podcast by adopting a psuedonym and not including personal details in her work.
The final podcast can be listened to at;

Student Comments:
None given

Submitted by: David Morel

School: Cottenham Primary School

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Independent
ICT Strands: Finding, using and communicating information
Attainment: 4 (Secure)