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Ely St John's: A Day in the Life - Year 2 Podcast


Created: Sep 2006

Subjects: History ,

Year: 3 Level: 2

Teacher Comments:
The class were involved in the Ely Schools Partnership digital project and were researching and discovering The Maltings in Ely. The children had never recorded sound through the pc before. They played, explored and experimented with various recordings. Under teacher direction and in groups of 3, they evaluated their recordings; refining and improving the quality while developing their ICT skills. They 'controlled' the audio facility in Windows Sound Recorder taking turns to be 'recording engineer', 'broadcaster' and 'scripteditor'. The children were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed this activity. They made significant progress quickly gaining confidence in their capability.

Student Comments:

http://c9s.e2bn.net/e2bn/leas/c99/schools/cyq/accounts/staff/ely/homepage/st%20johns/pages/Day%20in%20the%20life/ (External Link)

Submitted by: Glynis Geeson

School: Ely St Johns Primary School

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Collaborative
ICT Strands: Handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling
Attainment: 2 (Secure)

Functional Skills
Using ICT:
Find and select information:
Develop, present and communicate information: