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My Spanish Slideshow


Created: Dec 2009

Subjects: English, communication and languages, ICT across all areas of learning,

Year: 3 Level: 3

Teacher Comments:
This piece of work was produced independently as a part of a cross curricular unit involving the Spanish language and PowerPoint skills to produce a visual representation of the spanish numbers up to ten. The children were asked to present a number of images that matched the Spanish number they were representing. The child used editing and formatting techniques to develop and refine his work in order to improve its quality and presentation. To reach a higher level he could have incorporated sound or animation as this would have allowed him to present a variety of information in different forms.

Student Comments:
I found this really fun and I liked choosing and arranging the pictures. It helped me to remember my Spanish numbers.

Submitted by: Scott Horsley

School: Millfield Primary School

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Independent
ICT Strands: Finding, using and communicating information
Attainment: 3 (High)