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Downham Feoffees: Year 4 - Video recording


Created: Jan 2007

Subjects: History ,

Year: 4 Level: 2

Teacher Comments:
With support the children were able to record a video of the reenactment of a monk and his apprentice demonstrating how they made glass. Using basic control skills to operate the camera they developed their understanding of digital recording and how this could support their learning; capturing and recognising the highlights and that as a digital resource it was accessible at other times. The clip helped to develop their visual literacy, speaking and listening; understanding that images are information and can be re-interpreted. That the recording was both immediate and provisional encouraged their confidence to test things out. This introduced the children (and staff) to the potential for using cameras to support learning in the curriculum.
They used the camera purposefully to achieve specific outcomes; recording, saving and presenting their ideas and so demonstrating aspects of level 2.
The children could refine their skills through evaluation and improvement of the video quality as well as further development through editing.

Student Comments:

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Submitted by: Maria Stevens

School: Downham Feoffees

Curriculum Information:
Work practice: Supported
ICT Strands: Handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling
Attainment: 2 (Secure)

Functional Skills
Using ICT:
Find and select information:
Develop, present and communicate information: